Menke Charitable Foundation Donates $5000 Each To Huntingburg Police & Fire Departments

huNTINGBURGHUNTINGBURG (NNDC) – The Huntingburg Police and Fire Departments Friday each received a $5000 donation from the Menke Charitable Foundation. The Menke Family founded and continues to own OFS Brands of Huntingburg.

Huntingburg police will use the money purchase two body camears capable of syncing with current in-car video systems. The department will also purchase four new 800 MHz radios.

The fire department will use its money to purchase an infrared camera.

Photo Provided by Huntingburg Police & Fire Departments (L-R) Huntingburg Police Chief Arthur Parks, Mayor Denny Spinner, Cory Menke of the Menke Charitable Foundation, Huntingburg Fire Chief Scott Patberg, Hank Menke of MCF, HFD Second Asst. Chief Larry Patberg. In the background is Glenn Kissling, First Asst. Fire Chief and Huntingburg City Councilman.

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