Kersteins Purchases Two Of Three City Properties At Auction

19-acre parcel southwest  of Lechner & Gregory lanes

19-acre parcel southwest
of Lechner & Gregory lanes

JASPER (NNDC) – Kersteins Development of Jasper purchased two of three properties sold at auction on behalf of the City of Jasper last night.

One is a 19-acre property near Lechner and Gregory lanes on the city’s far west side. That property sold for $296,100. The second property, the 13-acre former 30th Street Park $201,000.

The City auctioned both properties to pay back the little more than $1 million dollars the City used from its “rainy day fund” to purchase the former Jasper Country Club, now known as the Parklands.

A third city-owned property, 10 acres northwest of St. Charles Street near the intersection with Truman Road did not sell.

Todd Kersteins, president & CEO of Kersteins Development says preliminary development plans for the west side property are to build middle to high-end homes.

The former 30th Street Park

The former 30th Street Park

The now former 30th Street Park also now purchased by Kersteins Development[/caption]Kersteins says the 30th Street property could be ideal for apartment buildings that would fill a need locally for Jasper, but again, plans are very preliminary.

The city currently owns 30-acres of land north of the Buffalo Trace Golf Course; the largest parcel of city-owned considered to be sold to pay for the Parklands. Some city officials say they want make sure that selling the land now is in the city’s best long-term interest.

Earlier, the city did sell a small lot on the southeast corner of 15th & Newton street. The lot sold for $4,240.

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