Police Follow Fluid To OWI Driver Still In Wrecked Truck

FERDINAND (NNDC) – Ferdinand police say officers followed a trail of leaking fluids early Saturday morning and it led to the arrest of a local man.

Shortly after 4am, FPD was notified of an accident in the 400 block of Ninth Street. When police arrived, there was no vehicle in a ditch as was first reported, but police could see what they describe were muddy wheel marks where a vehicle had run off the street and struck a utility pole before leaving the scene.

Police say they followed a trail of leaking fluids from the utility pole to Seventh and Missouri streets where 39-year old Greg Ubelhor was found inside his wrecked pickup truck.

Police say Ubelhor admitted he was driving the truck when it struck the utility pole. Ubelhor was taken into custody charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (B.A.C. .17%) and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

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