Indiana House Passes “Religious Freedom Bill”

INDIANAPOLIS (WTVW/WEHT) – A bill in Indiana, creating a big firestorm, edges closer to becoming law in the Hoosier state.

Indiana’s House of Representatives passes the so-called “Religious Freedom bill,” mostly along party lines.
The bill would allow business owners to deny service based on religious beliefs.
Supporters say it prevents employees of a business from being forced to participate in things objectionable to their religion; such as a baker being forced to make a cake for a same-sex marriage.
However, it has drawn protests, with critics claiming it creates a license to discriminate.
The Senate already passed the legislation, but the House made slight changes, meaning the bill must head back to the Senate for approval before it reaches the desk of Republican Governor Mike Pence, who released a statement saying he strongly supports this bill.
“The legislation, SB 101, is about respecting and reassuring Hoosiers that their religious freedoms are intact.  I strongly support the legislation and applaud the members of the General Assembly for their work on this important issue.  I look forward to signing the bill when it reaches my desk,” said Governor Mike Pence after SB 101, religious freedom, passed the Indiana House 63-31 on Monday.

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