Reported Gas Leak “Smelled Like A Skunk!” (BLOTTER)

FERDINAND (NNDC) – An apparent natural gas lead ended up being the odor of a skunk.  Ferdinand firefighters were called to a home in the 1200 block of Virginia Street shortly before 1am Wednesday (this morning) for a report of a gas odor in the home.

FVFD Chief Dan Lindauer says it was apparent soon after arriving at the home of Christine Pierrard’s home, the a skunk had sprayed the entire area just outside the house.  The odor was detected over a several-block area.  The odor was drawn into the house.

Lindauer says a multi-gas detector also found no problems with the gas lines in and around the home.

It was determined that the odor from the skunk had been drawn into Pierrard’s home and noticed.

Two trucks and 10 firefighters were on the scene 15 minutes.

Space Heater Thought To Be Inoperable Sparks Apartment Fire

HUNTINGBURG (NNDC) – A space heater, believed to have broken, was the cause of a small apartment fire Tuesday afternoon.

Huntingburg firefighters were called to the apartment on Third Street at about 3pm.   Capt. John C. Smith with HVFD says a space heater in an apartment bedroom ignited clothes that had been piled on it.

The apartment is rented by Nimco Adan in the 100 block of East Third Street.

Firefighter were able to quickly extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher.   Damage was isolated to the clothes along with a small singed area of carpeting and a scorched section of a well.

There were no injuries.  Adan and her roommate were not displaced as a result of the fire.

Smith says the situation could have been much worse as firefighters were first told the fire was at an apartment on Fifth Street.  This the result of a “language barrier.”   The space heater was plugged in despite the fact it was thought to be inoperable.

The apartment did have functioning smoke detectors.

Smith says this incident should be a reminder that no combustible items, including bedding, clothes, etc. , should be located within a three-foot radius of any space heater.

Two Injured; One Transported After Early Morning Accident

JASPER (NNDC) – A two-vehicle wreck early Wednesday morning, injured two and sent one to the hospital.

The accient happened shortly before 6am along U.S. 231 at the intersection of 12th Avenuen.

29-year old James Wilhite of Otwell, was stopped at the intersection, waiting to turn east onto 12th Avenue when a car driven by 53-year old Leroy of Petersburg crashed his car into rear of Wilhite’s car.

Sumner was cited for following too closely.  Sumner’s wife, 55-year old Sherri Sumner was transported by ambulance to Memorial Hospital complaining of chest pain.  She was treated and later released.  Meanwhile, Wilhite complained of neck pain but was treated at the scene.

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