JPD Warns About Scams; Offers Suggestions To Prevent It From Happening To You (AUDIO)

JASPER (NNDC) – In light of recent phone scams that have been reported locally including one that was successful in getting money from a Dubois County couple. 

Jasper police chief Michael Bennett (pictured) says scammers like to use the names of credible entities such as local banks, law enforcement, even the Internal Revenue Service to try and get money from people.

Bennett says the first “red flag” that you might be the target of a scam is that these agencies would never contact you by phone…



Bennettt says another popular method scammers use to get money from you is they will pose as a relative (such as grandchildren, nieces, nephews) or say they are calling on their behalf.

The scammer tells their targeted victim that their loved one has been arrested or has been injured, etc., and are in need of money. This is what happened this past week to a couple in Holland. The scammers also request that any money be wired by Western Union or similar means.

Bennett says the scammers are very convincing and sometimes have enough personal information to convince the targeted victim the call is legitimate.

Bennett says if you get a call that even closely resembles or scam or you think it might be legit, Bennett says take a moment and make…

Bennett says if it is a scammer, chances are they will hang up as soon as you ask for a phone number or mention that you are going to verify the call.

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