Habig Expresses Additional Concerns About Proposed New Turf At Alumni Stadium (with VIDEO)



JASPER (NNDC) – Greater Jasper Consolidated School Board president Nancy Habig says she is not totally in favor of installing the proposed new all-season artificial turf at Jerry Brewer Alumni Stadium even though the board gave its approval for the new playing surface last month.

Habig was not at last month’s meeting when the approval was given to the Wildcats Football Booster Club to put together a plan to raise the needed money for the turf.

During last night’s meeting of the board, she asked her fellow board members to reconsider that decision.

Habig has repeatedly voiced her health concerns about the turf’s “crumb-rubber” fill.

Monday night, she also expressed concerns on whether or not the new turf would actually save the school corporation money over the long-term.

Habig talked with NewsNow Dubois County from Cincinnati where she went directly after Monday’s GJCSC board meeting to help care for her aging father; the same reason she was not able to be at last month’s meeting. The board voted 3-0 last month to give the booster club the go-ahead to begin the needed fund-raising effort for the turf which has a price tag of about $800,000.

“I may be totally wrong about all this (the health concerns and the long-term costs), said Habig. “But, I have read everything I can about these fields and I’m just not 100% convinced that the proposed artificial turf is the best thing for the school corporation in the long run for both my reasons.”

She continued, “Yes the booster club is raising the money and it will come from private donations, but we (the school board) will be responsible for that field once its put in place.”

Habig also says she’s not sure if her concerns would have changed or postponed last month’s vote. New board member Arlet Jackle was also not at last month’s meeting.

Meanwhile, the booster club is finishing up on its plan on how to solicit the needing funding for the new turf which must be approved by the school board.

Club president Richard Farr says that plan could be done in the next 30 days.  Farr has also said he wants the school board and the booster club to be on the same page when its comes to all facets of the new turf.

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