Editor’s Note On Upcoming Changes With NNDC

MickFrom The Desk Of Mick Birge / NewsNow Dubois County

How was your weekend? Ours around here are generally busy and that’s a good thing! Added to our weekend was a scheduled IT update to our video editing system that took a little longer than first thought!

The update was supposed to take about an hour early Friday afternoon! But, it ended up taking most of the weekend! This is actually a good thing for us in the long run, though we are doing a lot of video editing today!

We have some pretty cool things planned as we start our third year in existence next month!

During the update Friday, an opportunity presented itself our IT team to do some preliminary work now on something new for NNDC. So, we took the opportunity and I’m glad we did!

Though this kind of backed us up in our video production from over the weekend, we will catch up today and we’ve got some pretty cool things for you from over the weekend!

As far as what we have planned for our new year? I will ask you to “stay tuned!” More to follow in the next couple of weeks!

Mick Birge
Executive Producer
NewsNow Dubois County

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