UPDATE: Ireland Man Arrested For Felony Domestic Battery; Jasper Man Charged After Fight (BLOTTER)

Steinhart (from 2011)

Steinhart (from 2011)

OTWELL (NNDC) – An Ireland man was taken into custody charged with felony domestic battery and theft Wednesday night.

Indiana State Police were called to a home in Otwell at about 10:30 Wednesday evening on a report of a domestic battery incident.

There they found a female victim with injuries to her face, neck and arms. Police say one of her eyes was swollen almost completely shut.

Their investigation led them to the woman’s ex-boyfriend, 25-year old Jeremy Steinhart of Ireland.

Steinhart is alleged to have tried to get into his ex-girlfriend’s home through the front door, but she refused to let him in. Police say Steinhart then broke the window on the rear door of the home. That’s when police say the victim allowed Steinhart inside. It’s then Steinhart is alleged to have battered the woman and broke her cellphone to prevent her from calling 911.

Steinhart was eventually located at his parents’ house in Jasper. Police say Steinhart had his ex-girlfriend’s purse in his possession.

Steinhart was arrested on Level 6 felony counts of domestic battery and theft, plus misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief and interfering with the reporting of a crime.



JASPER (NNDC) – A Jasper man was arrested early Friday morning after a fight broke out at a home on the city’s near eastside.

Taken into custody was 25-year old Ethan Stout. Jasper police say Stout was involved in a “physical confrontation” with another man after the man accused Stout of stealing his wallet.

The two men are neighbors in the same apartment house at 415 East 15th Street.

Jasper police say Stout brandished brass knuckles and threatened to fight anyone in the other man’s apartment.

Police say Stout was struck and a struggle ensued. After the fight, Stout was pushed out of the apartment and the door was shut. Police say Stout took a chair and smashed the glass in the door. JPD says while wielding the chair, he lost his balance and fell through the railing on a porch; damaging the banister.

Police say Stout then took a piece of railing and threw it through the door, striking the man he had been fighting with.

Police were called to the incident at about 2:00 this morning. Stout was taken into custody. JPD says he also suffered injuries to the face and torso. He was medically cleared at Memorial Hospital before being taken to the Dubois County Security Center.

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