Cancer Concern Story Puts A “Hold” On Artifical Turf Idea For Alumni Stadium (AUDIO/VIDEO)

JASPER (NNDC) – The Jasper School Board last night held up fundraising efforts by the Jasper Football Booster Club to investigate further, a concern the board has since the idea of upgrading the more than 50-year old Jerry Brewer Alumni Stadium began about three months ago.

One of those concerns is the proposed artificial turf for the stadium that uses a filler of tiny “crumbs” from cut-up ribber tires.

An investigative report by NBC last month says this type of “crumb” rubber-filler turf may be causing cancer in athletes who play on it (CLICK TO WATCH).

NBC also did a follow-up report with reaction to its initial story (CLICK TO WATCH).

Jasper school board member Ken Schnaus tells NewsNow Dubois County, the NBC report has raised enough concern about the long-term health ramifications of the “crumb rubber”-filled turf that the board wants to step back and make this kind of turf is right for Alumni Stadium…

The cost of the turf proposed for Alumni Stadium is about $750,000.

Schnaus also says group made up of booster club, school board members of JHS Athletic Director Andy Noblitt met with an Indianapolis company that manufactures the crumb rubber-filler to learn more about it. He say the board has asked local doctors to look into the issue…

Now representatives with the Indianapolis company are to be in Jasper on Tuesday, December 2nd for a public works session at Jasper High School. The local doctors report is also expected to be ready by that meeting.

Also Thursday night, the Jasper school board tabled a request by the Jasper Football Booster Club to sell advertising space inside the stadium to help offset other planned stadium improvements.  Ad space has not been sold inside the stadium since it opened.   Ad space is being sold by JHS inside the new high school gymnasium.

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