UPDATE: DCSD Responds To No Less Than 15 Weather-Related Accidents Overnight

JASPER (NNDC) – The nearly two inches of snow that fell overnight locally kept the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department very busy.

DCSD is reporting no less than 15 accidents or slide-offs due to the snowy and rapidly deteriorating road conditions.

DCSD says the 15 accident occured beween 1:45am and 9:07am Monday.

Only one of the accidents reportedly involved an injury.

The worst of the snowfall was to the south of Jasper, however, fast falling temperatures are causing for hazardous driving conditions all across the county.

DCSD is recommending all motorists give themselves extra time to get to their destinations if they have to be on the roadways.

Its also advised to clean snow and ice from windows and mirrors of vehicles and to keep a safe distance between vehicles.

DCSD is also advising all drivers to keep an emergency kit in their vehicle in case of becoming stranded for a longer period of time.  The kit should contain water, flashlight, blankets, gloves, lighter, candle, traffic cone, change of clothes, and dry food.

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