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Guidelines after a Boil Water Order or Advisory is Lifted

The safety of water cannot be judged by color, odor, and taste.

General Public Guidelines:

• Flush all water lines. Run cold water for at least 5 minutes; allow water pressure to help clean lines.
• Turn hot water on in bath tub and run for at least 20 minutes.
• Dispose any remaining ice in ice-dispenser, run a complete cycle and discard first batch; replace filters 1-2 weeks after usage.
• Run 1 complete cycle of dishwasher before using; use the sanitizer cycle if available.
• Run 1 complete cycle of the clothes washer with bleach but without clothes.
• Any equipment connected to water lines should be flushed until they run clear
• Further questions, contact a licensed plumber or the City Water Utility at 812-482-5252.

Food Establishments:

After the boil order has been lifted by IDEM and the City, these precautionary measures must be followed:
• Flush the buildings water lines and clean faucet screens, water line strainers on mechanical dishwashing machines and similar equipment for at least 1 minute.
• Flush and sanitize all water-using fixtures and appliances of standing water such as ice machines, beverage dispensers, hot water heaters, etc. (Possibly needing to replace filters on ice machines)
• Run one batch of ice from machines that manufacture ice and discard; run clean cycle and continue routine steps
• Clean and sanitize all fixtures, sinks, and equipment connected to water lines

A Health Department Representative does not need to be present at the establishment for these guidelines to be implemented. It is MANAGEMENT’S responsibility to ensure the establishment is operating in a safe manner so as to protect the health of the public.

Any further questions call the Dubois County Health Department at 812-481-7050 or 481-7055.

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