th (1)Boil Order Update / City of Jasper (as of 4:10pm)

JASPER  – The boil water advisory for customers of the Jasper Water Department and the Ireland Water Utility continues according to Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz.  City utility staff, outside engineers and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management have been on site since early this morning.  Continued testing at the water treatment plant this afternoon indicated slight improvement in the quality of the water.

The primary issue is an increase of minerals in water coming into the plant resulting in a decrease in chlorine.  Lower levels of chlorine makes the water less safe to consume.

Jasper and Ireland water customers need to continue to boil water used for drinking, coffee, tea, powdered drinks, fountain drinks, ice, brushing teeth and washing dishes.  The attached document from Donna Oeding with the Dubois County Health Department provides tips using water during a boil order.

Guidelines for Use During Boil Water Order From Dubois County Health Department 

A boil water advisory is issued when some type of event has created the potential for contamination to enter the water supply.

Bring the water to a full boil for at least 5 minutes.  Cool and aerate the boiled water by pouring it through the air from one clean container to another, or mixing rapidly with a clean utensil.  Aeration will reduce the flat taste caused by boiling.

Boil water in the following instances:

  • All water used in beverages such as coffee, tea or kool-aid
  • All water used as an ingredient in any food products (sauces, dressings, desserts, etc.)
  • All water used to make ice
  • All water used for handwashing or brushing teeth
  • All water used for washing dishes or food contact surfaces
  • All water used for washing produce
  • All water used for feeding animals


  • Water filtering or treatment units will not remove all of the possible contaminants that the order is targeting.
  • Dishwashers do not reach a temperature high enough to remove all of the possible contaminants
  • Use of single-service (paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.) is advisable
  • Water is suitable for bathing purposes
  • Dispose of ice already accumulated in ice machines

These above listed recommendations will be reviewed and amended as necessary.

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