DCSD: Cyclist’s Helmet Prevented More Serious Injuries

A motorcyclist escaped serious injury Sunday night when his bike crashed in what is known as “Sendleweck Curve” east of Haysville on Indiana 56.

Injured was 44-year old David Holt of Odon. The accident happened shortly before 7:30 Sunday evening.

Holt told Dubois County Sheriff’s deputies the glare from the setting sun blinded his vision and he did not notice the curve as he was approaching it from the east.

Holt told DCSD when he realized he was in the curve; he hit the brakes but they locked up putting the bike into a skid.

Holt was thrown from the motorcycle. The bike ended up in a ditch. Holt was wearing his helmet which DCSD says reduced his injuries.

Holt was taken to Memorial Hospital in Jasper with a broken right arm, and a possible broken left leg and ankle.

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