TRI-CAP Staff Earn Family Development Certifications

Photo: Tri-Cap Family Development

Photo: Tri-Cap Family Development

By Joyce Fleck/Angie Greulich

JASPER – TRI-CAP has always strived to serve our local community with the intent of helping families become self-sufficient so families are able to provide for themselves with a renewed sense of responsibility and pride. We value the families we work with and are humbled that they allow our agency to be a part of their lives.

An underlying component in most of TRI-CAP’s services is Family Development. This guided client goal setting and tracking process improves family outcomes, moves individuals out of crisis and helps them become more successful on many fronts. Family Development has a long history in Community Action, originating with the 1993 Government Performance and Results Act.

From this act, the Results-Oriented Management & Accountability (ROMA) tool was developed and has since become an integral component of each of our many TRI-CAP service areas. In order to walk families through this process, appropriate TRI-CAP staff attends comprehensive training and must meet annual CEU criteria to earn and maintain their Family Development Specialist certification. This three day certification process, administered by the Indiana Community Action Association, funded by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, is designed for case workers that work intensively with clients using family assessment tools and a family development matrix to help families set goals, develop a plan to achieve those goals and empower families to reach self-sufficiency.

Kenwyn Brosmer, Angie Greulich, and Courtney Payne (pictured) have recently earned their Family Development Specialist certifications, joining our currently certified staff: April Crossway, Tammy DeWitt, Jeanne Foster, Emma Harrington, Hope Marshall, Carla Mofield, Amy Sermersheim, Wendy Soto, Katie Strange, and Elisha Taylor.

All are excited to help families focus on their strengths to make positive and life-long changes for their families.

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