Construction Crew Strikes Power Line At Patoka Regional Water & Sewer Plant

Photo: Patoka Regional Water & Sewer District

Photo: Patoka Regional Water & Sewer District

A construction crew inadvertently struck an underground power line early Wednesday afternoon at the Patoka Regional Water and Sewer District plant just west of Patoka Lake on State Road 545.

Zach Eichmiller with the Dubois Volunteer Fire Department says the crew was doing some digging work on an explansion project at the facility, when the power line was struck shortly after 1pm.

Eichmiller says this caused electric current to flow to multiple buildings at the facility, possibly through the water line the crew was working on.

Several fixtures in multiple buildings were damaged from the heavy electrical current, but there was no structural damage.

Dubois REC responded to the scene a short time later disconnecting all power to the facility so that the electric line could be repaired and all fixtures could be inspected that were involved in the incident.

Firefighters checked all the buildings involved in the incident for hot spots before departing the scene.

The facility was operating off of generator power when units departed the scene, and would be until all repairs were made and Dubois REC got the power back on. There were no injuries in the incident.

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