VIVAZEN PHOTOJASPER –  The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says it seized 447 bottles of Vivazen from a Jasper convenience store Monday afternoon following a tip from the public.

DCSD says it believes Vivazen contains Kratom, a substance that is banned in the United States.   The department’s narcotics officer tells NNDC, the local convenience store, which is not being made public, was selling two ounce bottles of Vivazen for $10.63 each.

DCSD says, as of Monday, the store sold 708 of 1255 bottles total it had in stock on August 12th.

Samples of the seized Vivazen have been sent to the Indiana State Police lab to confirm whether or not it contains Kratom.

DCSD says store employees told them they did not know that Vivazen contained an illegal substance.   Kratom is often promoted on various websites as a natural painkiller.  In 2012, it was classified as a synthetic drug the the United States Food and Drug Administration.  Better known banned synthetic drugs include bath salts and marijuana blends known as K2 and Spice.

The complaint from the public DCSD says that started the investigation alleges that many of those known to purchase the Vivazen are currently enrolled in the county’s drug court.

DCSD says the store has agreed to not sell any more Vivazen.   The investigation is now on its way to the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office to check and see if the convenience store does have a history of previous similar complaints or violations.

If that is the case, it will be up to the prosecutor’s office if charges will be filed in this matter.

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