untitledFrom Nick Stevens/Dubois County Film Commission

DUBOIS COUNTY The Little Hollywood of the Midwest, Huntingburg, Indiana, is hosting the first annual Southwest Indiana Film Fest October 17 and 18.

First time filmmakers, seasoned professionals, and even YouTube video enthusiasts are all welcome to enter. Just head to www.filmduboiscounty.com, fill out the entry form, submit it with your entry fee, get your film requirements, and start filming.

The Commission is not looking for short films you’ve already created for this festival. Rather, it is seeking original, 5-minute short films (plus 1 minute of credits) specifically for this exciting event.

Once an entry form is received with entry fee attached, each filmmaker/team will be assigned a particular genre (horror/sci-fi, drama, or comedy), and be required to include specific elements in each entry. For example, films must include three distinct Dubois County landmarks (options will be provided to assist you), and 30% of your film’s final run time must be culled from footage shot utilizing these identifiable locations. The final requirement is that
you must include the line “Only in Dubois County” spoken or shown visually at some point in your film and not in the title or credits.

Once you have your project together, visit Dubois County and make your short film! More details on this and other requirements are included in the entry form/information available on the SWIFF website at: www.filmduboiscounty.com.

Entry fees are due at the time you register for the festival, and there are two different levels for entry, $150 entry fee for the pro division and $50 for the amateur division. All entries must be receive by September 15 with films due by September 30. No films entries will be accepted after this deadline, and registration fees are nonrefundable.

On Friday, October 17, there will be an opening night gathering for all filmmakers and special guests, including TBA festivities and door prizes. All day Saturday, October 18, there will be screenings of the film entries, as well as seminars, workshops, lectures, Q&As, demonstrations, and more, presented by special guests. These will include various filmmaking topics and trends. That evening there will be an awards ceremony with prizes.

To kick off this first film fest, great prizes like a Blackmagic camera, a GoPro camera package, cash, and more are being offered! Get creative and film something great! The DUBOIS COUNTY FILM COMMISSION looks forward to viewing your films and seeing you at SWIFF!

Hollywood has recognized Dubois County as a great place to make movies. Besides several independent films, two feature films – “A League of Their Own” and “Hard Rain” – and an HBO special have been filmed in Dubois County. Plus, Jasper, Indiana, has been featured in the hit TV show “Revolution” and is the model for the city featured in “The Middle”.

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