Company Says Former Employee Not Fired Over His U. S. Air Force Cap

Photo: Roger Junkin's Facebook Page

Photo: Roger Junkin’s Facebook Page

The apparent social media “firestorm” that has erupted since a story broke this week about a Huck’s convenience store employee being terminated has prompted a response from the company.

It was reported in the Herald Thursday that 63-year old Roger Junkin (pictured right) was terminated from the Huck’s store on Third Avenue in Jasper.

Junkin is reported to have said his firing was over his wearing a United States Air Force cap 20 minutes after his division manager, Kirk Dixon, found him wearing it on Tuesday.

However, the CEO of Bayley & Martin, Huck’s parent company in Carmi, Illinois, Todd Jenney, in a news release Friday morning  said, “I will tell you that he was not terminated for wearing an Air Force hat.”  Jenney declined to comment further on Junkin’s termination as per company policy regarding employee confidentiality and legalities.

Jenney did go on to say, “What I can tell you is we are a great company that is 100 percent employee-owned. We have been in business for over 40 years and love Jasper, Indiana.”

Photo: Huck's Stores Facebook page

Photo: Huck’s Stores Facebook page

He continued, “We have policies and procedures like every other organization in business.”

Jenney also said his company welcomes veterans of all branches of the armed forces to come to work at Huck’s.

Jenney also says Kirk Dixon is a veteran officer who has fought in a recent conflict for our great (U.S. Air Force). We have supported our local veterans associations and active military with goodies and care packages and more over owe our freedom to those who have served.”

This morning, a company representative for Martin & Bayley also referred NewsNow Dubois County to its Facebook page where a picture of Dixon is found in a post made by the company this morning.

That post reads, “Huck’s position on US Military veterans has recently come into question. We thought the best response would be to introduce you, our Facebook friends, to one of our own veterans.

Photo: Martin & Bayley, Mt. Carmel, IL

Photo: Martin & Bayley, Mt. Carmel, IL

Kirk Dixon (pictured right) is our Division Manager for the Southern Indiana region of Huck’s. This includes our stores in Jasper, French Lick and Vincennes.

Kirk is a decorated US Air Force Veteran, having served 10 years and was a Mission Commander flying F-4E’s in Desert Storm. We are proud to have him as part of the Huck’s family. Kirk is very humble, as are most veterans, and doesn’t make any of his accomplishments public.

It is our policy not to discuss the details of any associates’ separation with our company. What we can say is the associate was not terminated for wearing an Air Force Veteran cap.

We love and respect military veterans and desire to hire as many as we can. We support the military not only in our hiring practices but also having sent care packages overseas, as well as donated candy and other goods to local Veteran Affairs Offices and recruiting agencies for all branches of the military.”

NewsNow Dubois County has tried to contact Mr. Junkin, but has been unable to do so.



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