Grant Helps Push Former St. Joseph’s Hospital Renovation Forward


The effort to redevelop the former St. Joseph’s Hospital building has taken another step forward. Jasper-based Tri-Cap has been awarded a 500-thousand dollar grant from the Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis.

Tri-Cap offers programs, services and opportunities to low-income citizens. Tri-Cap is the local community housing developing partner for the St. Joe building project with Cincinnati-based developer Miller-Valentine.

Miller-Valentine says it plans to invest nearly $9 million into the restoration of the former hospital. Miller-Valentine’s plans include renovating more than 30,000 square feet of the building into 25 single- and double-bedroom units for residents 55 and older.

An additional 27,000 square feet will be built onto the current building 20 more units. Earlier, Miller Valentine was awarded $798,000 in state tax credits for the project.

This was the first time Tri-Cap has applied for a grant from the state Affordable Housing Program. The $500,000 was the maximum amount an applicant could get. Miller-Valentine hopes to start the project later this year.

The building has been vacant since St. Joseph’s Hospital closed in January of 2007. ┬áMiller-Valentine hopes to have the planned construction completed in 2017.

PHOTO: St. Joseph’s Hospital in Huntingburg as it looked when it closed January, 2007.

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