OVL’s “Official” Ruling On Reinstating All Players; Stats From Saturday’s Game


Photo: Dubois County Bombers

Photo: Dubois County Bombers

The OVL executive committee met today and took definitive action necessary to overcome the less than stellar umpiring job that occurred in Huntingburg Indiana where the Hoppers and Bombers got into a huge field altercation (pictured).

Fairness and maturity combined with experience and common sense judgment prevailed in settling differences created by one bad umpiring decision and compounded by another one, but worse.

Settlement was achieved by revoking the forfeiture loss charged to Hoptown and restoring playing rights to all the players on both teams involved without being suspended a game. The Hopper-Bomber game was determined to be a tie game because the score was 7 to 7 when play was stopped. Technically it’s called “game over” and won’t be replayed over or continued from the 11th inning as if it were a suspended game. Individual stats for the game, except for pitcher winner & loser, will be used in calculating season stats for individual performances. The game goes in the record books for statistical purposes as 1/2 game won and 1/2 game loss. 

Additionally, the Hopkinsville forfeited game at Fulton on Sunday, July 20 has been withdrawn. A possible make up game may be held at Fulton on Wednesday, July 23 entertaining Hoptown should the standings require it. Standings have been adjusted to reflect this decision.

The playoffs will still begin on schedule without delay Wednesday, July 23 with Madisonville opening up at Dubois County in Round One single game. The winner will move on to the Round Two semifinals best of three series against with the top seeded Owensboro Oilers.

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