Jasper Municipal Utilities Name Being Used In Latest Local Scam

scam (1)(From the City of Jasper)

We just received a call from one of our customers who said they received a phone call, and it showed up on their caller ID as Jasper Municipal Utilities, with our 812-482-9131 phone number displayed, and the caller was asking for their credit card information!  This was NOT A CALL made by our office.  Our customer hung up on the caller as soon as they asked for their credit card info, so I am not sure what else they may have said or would have asked for.  I do not know how they were able to get our phone number displayed as the number making the call…

Jasper Municipal Utilities WOULD NEVER AND WILL NEVER ask for a customer’s credit card information over the telephone.  At this time, we do not even accept credit card payments at all, so there would be no reason to need someone’s information!

We are trying to get this warning out to all of our customer’s as quickly as possible, and I have also copies the Jasper Police Chief on this message so their department is also aware of this occurrence.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly per my contact info below.  Thank you in advance for your quick response and help in this matter!!

ASHLEY KIEFER / City of Jasper

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