JPD Arrest Habitual Traffic Violator With Open Container In Truck


Jose Mares Hernandez (30) Jasper, IN Photo; Dubois County Security Center

Jose Mares Hernandez (30)
Jasper, IN
Photo: Dubois County Security Center

Jasper police say an officer pulled over the driver of a pickup truck early Friday night for failing to use his turn signal while pulling into McDonald’s on South U. S. 231.

Police discovered the driver, 30-year old Jose Hernandez of Jasper, was an Habitual Traffic Violator, according to the State of Indiana.   Hernandez has been arrested twice in the last eight years in Dubois County for Driving While Intoxicated, and once for Public Intoxication.

Police also discovered that Hernandez had an open container of alcohol with him in the truck Friday night.

Hernandez now faces an additional charged of driving while being an Habitual Traffic Violator.  The latest charge a Class D felony.

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