Dale Man Charged With Criminal Recklessness; His Gun Goes Off Inside Jasper WalMart

Jasper PD badgeA Dale man was arrested by Jasper police Sunday morning when the handgun he was carrying in a front pocket discharged while he was inside the Jasper WalMart store.

JPD says 65-year old Kenneth Pirtle told them he placed his hand into his pocket to retrieve and article when the .40 caliber handgun discharged.  Police say the discharged bullet exited Mr. Pirtle’s pant leg, struck the vinyl/concrete floor and then richocheted up and lodged into a nearby wall.

Police say Pirtle suffered minor burns to his leg, but he he refused medical treatment.  There were no other injuries.

Police later determined that other articles in Mr. Pirtle’s pocket with the gun might have played a factor in the handgun accidentally discharging.

Pirtle has been charged with Criminal Recklessness with a Firearm.

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