Pilgrim Plunge Is No More

plunge 2 plungeFrom WTVW/WEHT

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari will look  a bit different this season.

The amusement park has a history of adding world-record breaking rides… But it will look different summer for whats missing.

Pilgrim’s Plunge, recently re-branded “Giraffica”, is no longer on park premises.

Park officials say this was a painful decision. “It was disappointing, it was a hard decision for us.’ said Park President Matt Eckert, “We never like taking out an attraction, but we have big plans for the future.”

Park owners say they removed it for a variety of reasons… The biggest being it was closed more often than open.
They decided to pull Giraffica a few months ago and the tear down started earlier this month. All that’s left behind is concrete where the ride, at one time the world’s tallest water ride, proudly stood.

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