Bloomington Man Charged With Battery On His Mother

A Bloomington man was taken into custody by Huntingburg police Thursday night.  He’s now charged with striking his mother in the face and felony possession of a controlled substance. 

Toby Brown (36) DCSD Photo

Toby Brown (36)
DCSD Photo

HPD says when they arrived at the Oak Ridge Apartments on East 17th Street, they found Pamela Ruff locked in bedroom.

She told officers her 36-year old son Toby Brown pushed her before striking her in the face.   Police say marks on Ruff’s face matched up with her story.

Police say they later found a schedule 4 controlled substance in  his possession.

He’s charged with Class C felony possession of a controlled substance as police say the drugs were found him while he was in a government-family house complex.  He’s also charged with battery, a Class B misdemeanor.

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