Untitled Sequence.88That’s how much its going to cost Holland Utilities, Inc. to do needed repair work at its main water tower in Holland and its tower in Stendal just across the county line in Pike County.

Holland Town Manager Tom Thacker tells NewsNow Dubois County, the town council received two separate bids for the work.  Those bids were disclosed during a special town meeting Wednesday night.

Thacker says the lower of the two bills puts the repair work at a projected $127,000 for the 200-thousand gallon water tower in Holland, and an estimated $97,500 dollars for the Stendal tower.

Thacker says the cost of adding what he calls a mixer to keep water from freezing in the much smaller Stendal tower will be just under $30,000.

Thacker says the next step for the town council is to come up with the money for the needed repairs. The council will be looking for grant money to pay for the work.

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