2 Otwell Men Arrested For Overnight Break-In At Jasper Motel

Jeremy M. Evans (33) DCSD Photo

Jeremy M. Evans (33)
DCSD Photo

Adam G. Gray (31) DCSD Photo

Adam G. Gray (31)
DCSD Photo

Two Otwell men are charged with Burglary (C felony) in connection with an overnight break-in at the Jasper Ramada Inn on the city’s far south side.

Arrested were 31-year old Adam Gray and 33-year old Jeremy Evans.

Jasper police arrested both men shortly before 10 this (Wednesday morning).  Police say the two are charged with allegedly breaking into both the motel’s bar and office sometime overnight.

Few details have been made available as to the investigation that led to the two men being taken into custody.  JPD does say in a news release that alcoholic beverages were taken in the break-in.

In addition to the Burglary charge, Evans is also charged with Theft (D felony).

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