Woman Arrested For OWI After Meeting HPD About Her Dog

Stephanie Fisher (40) DCSD Photo

Stephanie Fisher (40)
DCSD Photo

A Huntingburg woman was arrested after she admitted to drinking before meeting police at a local home about her dog.

40-year old Stephanie Fisher was called to a home in the 700 block of Applewood Drive by Huntingburg police in reference to a dog at the home.  The home was not Fisher’s.

An HPD officer was waiting for Fisher at the house on Applewood at 10:45 Monday morning when he says Fisher’s SUV slid past the driveway before she backed up and then parked about halfway up the driveway.

The officer then says Fisher got out of the vehicle and he noticed her staggering and she did not have shoes on despite the heavy rain and the cool temperatures.

The HPD officer says he and Fisher went into the house to discuss the dog.  He says while Fisher was trying to get the dog, she was staggering.  She then went back outside to get a leash.

The officer followed her outside and then asked her if she had been drinking.  She said tomorrow (Tuesday) is her 40th Birthday and she  had had a couple of shots.    Fisher asked that they not discuss the situation outside her home and she was then taken to a police car and given a portable breath test.

She was then placed into custody and transported to HPD headquarters for further field sobriety testing and a chemical test.

HPD says Fisher tested .23% (BAC) and was then charged with Operating While Intoxicated (A Misdemeanor).

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