Dubois-County-Community-Foundation-Logo-300x170From Brad Ward / Dubois County Community Foundation

Dubois County, April 7, 2014:  The Community Foundation is pleased to announce a fellowship opportunity for Dubois County nonprofits.

Nonprofit Fellows, a pilot program of the Foundation’s Better Together Initiative, will make funding available for eligible nonprofits to engage interns from Indiana colleges and universities.

The program supports two of the Foundation’s key objectives including both helping build healthy Dubois County nonprofits and providing college students with real-life work experience in Dubois County.

Upon completion of 300 or more service hours at an eligible nonprofit, the student will be eligible for a $3,000 scholarship towards continued education. Part-time fellowships will be considered, adjusting eligible scholarships accordingly.

This is the second year of a two year pilot program. Last summer, DuboisCountyMuseum hosted Hilary (Waltz) Fleck, an IndianaUniversity student in pursuit of a Masters of Art degree, to act as intern director of the Museum.

“This shared community involvement was a tremendous experience for the Museum and for the intern director we hosted,” said Jim Hagedorn, Dubois County Museum Board President. “We highly recommend our Community Foundation’s efforts to generate career opportunity awareness programming through this fantastic Nonprofit Fellows program,” Hagedorn said.

The Foundation hopes nonprofits will utilize this opportunity to address important needs of the nonprofit and align with the interests and abilities of the student.

Nonprofits are encouraged to apply no later than April 16. The application can be found at  Please contact the Foundation at 482-5295 or the Dubois County Museum at 634-7733 to further discuss the fellowship opportunity.

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