Raising Beaver Lake Could Cost Up $280,000 Says Indy Engineering Firm

New Spillway At Beaver Lake Photo: City Of Jasper

New Spillway At Beaver Lake
Photo: City Of Jasper

It could cost the City of Jasper up to $280,000 to raise the water level at Beaver Lake to what it was before the city built the dam and spillway there.

The Indianapolis-based engineering company that designed the new state-mandated dam and spillway says raising the spillway’s barrier would raise the lake’s water level by at least 10 inches. ┬áIt came up with the estimated cost figure.

Many residents and cabin owners at the lake say the lake’s level dropped by about much after the lake was refilled after the new dam and spillway were completed. Some say they are not able to get into the refilled lake from their docks.

The proposed price tag was presented to the city’s utilities services board’s water committee Thursday.

Jasper utilities General Manager Bud Hauersperger says the committee is now waiting to for the results of a study of the dam and spillway by the University of Evansville’s Civil Engineering Program. They study is expected to be completed in about a month.

Hauersperger says the committee will have a better idea of exactly what to do after reviewing of both the Indianapolis engineering’s report and the UE study.

He tells NewsNow Dubois County the UE study could also give the committee a better idea on what the actual cost raising the level will be.

The new dam and spillway were built at a cost of $3.3 million, all paid for by grant money. The cost to raise the water level will be paid for from water utility’s budget.

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