Argument Over TV Show Lands Huntingburg Woman In Jail

Cynthia Flores (57)  DCSD Photo

Cynthia Flores (57)
DCSD Photo

Huntingburg police says an apparent argument over a TV show Thursday night, resulted in a cut to a local man’s hand, and the woman he was watching the show with was taken to jail.

The woman, 57-year old Cynthia Flores is charged with a Class A misdemeanor count of battery.  HPD says when they arrived at a mobile home in the 500 block of East Seventh Street, they found a male victim who was bleeding from a cut to his left hand.

HPD says the man told them he and Flores were watching television.  Then, Flores began cursing at the TV show.  The man then said something to Flores after which she grabbed a drinking glass and threw it at him.

The glass struck the man’s right elbow, shattered and cutting his left hand.  The impact also left a red knot on his right elbow.

Flores told police it was an accident.  The man and Flores are next door neighbors.

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