Option No Longer An Option

The Greater Jasper Consolidated School Corporation must decide in the next 60 days whether or not it wants to purchase 10 acres of the former Jasper Country Club golf course. Earlier, the school corporation was extended a 10-year option to purchase the land. The 10-acres borders the Jasper High School athletic fields to the west side.

The former country club course is now owned by the Jasper Redevelopment Commission. Last month the commission offered the 10-year option on the 10-acres. The thought was the 10-year period would give the school corportion time to pay off bonds used for previous construction projects before purchasing the land, while giving the city time to decided how it wants to develop the remaining 50 acres.

But when the city council met two weeks ago, most members of the governing body said they wanted a decision now from the school corporation on whether or not it wants the 10-acres as the city tries to recoup some of the money it used from the city’s rainy day fund to purchase the county club property which became available after the county club ceased operations New Year’s Eve 2012. The city purchased the 60 acres for a little more than one-million dollars.

The redevelopment commission has full authority over the land.

The 10 acres is being offered to the school corporation for $17,344.50 an acre, the same per acre price the city paid for all the land.

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