Dubois Man Faces Several Charges; DCCCC Discovers “K2” During Patdown Of Inmate

Jeromy L. Perkins DCSD Photo

Jeromy L. Perkins
DCSD Photo

Jasper police say 42-year old Jeromy Perkins of Dubois is now charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI), as well as OWI Refusal  (of a field breathalyzer test), Battery by Bodily Fluid, Disorderly Conduct and Operating a Motor Vehile Having Never Been Licenced.

The charges stem from a traffic stop in the 400 block of West 6th.  JPD says Perkins’ vehicle was observed driving left of center along Newton Street near 8th at about 8:20 Monday Night.

The JPD officer on the stop determined that Perkins was intoxicated having failed a field sobriety test.  An open container was also found in the vehicle.

Then after refusing to submit to a PBT (Preliminary Breath Test), a certified breath test to measure alcohol consumption, Perkins was taken to Memorial Hospital for a blood draw.  There JPD says he urinated on himself and splashed urine on some of the hospital staff, thus the additional alcohol-related charges.

It was also discovered that Perkins was driving his vehicle having never been licensed.

Alan Ross Friz DCSD Photo

Alan Ross Friz
DCSD Photo

Meanwhile, a Jasper man, an inmate at the Dubois County Community Corrections Center, is now charged with Possession of a Synthetic Cannabinoid.

Jasper police say they were contacted by after a patdown by DCCCC staff on 20-year old Alan Ross Friz discovered the cannabinoid K2, also known in the streets as ‘Spice.”

Friz is in the county’s work release program at DCCCC on an unrelated burglary charge.

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