Stove Top Fire Injures Local Woman

A stove top fire injured a local woman at a near northside Jasper home on Sunday.

The fire broke out shortly  after 3pm at the Brittany Watkins residence in the 14-hundred block of Park Street.

The fire was out before Jasper fire units arrived at the home.  Later, Watkins did drive  herself to Memorial Hospital for treatment of some burns after taking a pan of grease that was on fire and trying to it out in the kitchen’s sink.

A glass window in a door was also broken during the incident.   Damage to the home an estimated $1500.

Units of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department responded to problems at two city homes Sunday but damage was limited in both incidents.

That was JFD’s second fire run of the day.  About three hours earlier, firefighters responded to a report of a possible gas leak.

It was at the Mark Erny home in the 900 block of Eisenhower Avenue.

There was no leak but some electrical wires overheated caused.   There was no damage the home except a GFI outlet would need to be replaced.

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