Police Say Smartphone Thief Caught On Camera; The Phone’s Camera!

Don Edgar Rainey (37) DCSD Photo

Don Edgar Rainey (37)
DCSD Photo

Huntingburg police say a local man was arrested early Saturday morning after being caught on camera…. the camera was on a smartphone they say he stole early Friday morning from a co-worker at Dubois Wood Products.

37-year old Don Rainey of Huntingburg later learned the the phone he had taken from co-worker Beth Payne (also from Huntingburg) had a security feature on it that activated the camera after so many incorrect password attempts to get into the phone.

Ironically, earlier in the day, Payne asked Rainey to help her find her phone when she assumed it was only missing.  Police say Rainey already had it then.

Friday night, after work, Payne was able to access her smartphone account and check for any images that may have been taken by the camera’s security feature.

She found three images of Rainey attempting to get into her phone.  The timestamps on the photos were around 8am, 8:30am and 12noon.  The first two photos were taken before Payne asked Rainey to help her look for the phone at work.

After finding the security photos, Payne called police.  A short time later, a Dubois County deputy talked with Rainey who was housed at the Dubois County Community Corrections Center for a prior conviction.

Police say Rainey admitted he took the phone which was located  in his car at DCCCC.   He is now charged with Class D felony theft, a charge punishable by between six months and three years in prison.  He was booked into the  Dubois County Security Center shortly before 3am Saturday.

The Huntingburg Police Department is asking anyone who has a smart phone to contact their phone carrier and find out if your service has the security camera features like the one’s in Payne’s phone that helped her recover her device.

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