“Scooter Bill” Now Law

Statehouse Signing Ceremony Photo - Indianapolis Star

Statehouse Signing Ceremony
Photo – Indianapolis Star

Governor Pence signed into law tighter controls on motorized scooters. He did so yesterday at the statehouse.

Motorized scooter operators will need to start following the new rules in 2015. The new law has the support of local police.

New regulations require motorized scooters to be licensed and their drivers to have state-issued IDs with scooter endorsements.

It marked a victory for supporters of tighter controls on scooters after similar legislation has routinely died in previous General Assembly sessions.

Thge new law requires motorized scooter operators to register and plate their bikes with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a fee of $17.30 plus a $10 excise charge.

Operators of scooters with cylinder capacities of 50 cc or less are not required to have insurance — a sticking point in past legislative sessions — but will have to hold the valid state ID with an endorsement.

To receive the endorsement, the operator will need to pass a test over road signs at the BMV.

The minimum age to operate a scooter is still 15 but no passengers are allowed on bikes 50 cc or less, and drivers under age 18 must wear helmets. The legislation also raises the maximum speed limit to 35 mph and bans scooters from interstates.

However, for scooters over 50 cc, the measure requires those operators to follow all the requirements of a motorcycle, including having a driver’s license and insurance.

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