Dubois Strong Asks Council For More Money; Private Donations Down

th (2)By Mick Birge/NewsNow Dubois County

Monday, the Dubois County council was asked to increase its funding of the local economic development group, Dubois Strong.

The formal request came from Dubois Strong chairman Dr. Alan Johnson of VUJC. In recent months, Johnson has been making the rounds to all governing bodies in the county informing them of the group’s new focus on growing the county’s workforce to fill current and future local job openings.

The county has already committed $60,000 to Dubois Strong for 2014. The group is asking for an additional $180,000 for this year.

The county council did give its initial approval to the request, but did not commit to additional funding increases for 2015 and 2016. Dubois Strong is asking the county to commit a total of $320,000 for each of those two years.

Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz and Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner spoke in favor of the funding increases from the county. Both are members of Dubois Strong’s board of directors.

Dubois Strong was formed nearly 10 years ago. Initially, it was to supposed to be funded with contributions from both the private and public sectors, but private contributions have never materialized as first hoped. In fact, private contributions to the group have decreased by more than half in the years since the Great Recession of 2008.

The council is expected to give its formal approval of the funding increase for 2014 when it meets April 21st.

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