Phone Scammers Are Back At It

scam (1)The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says the most recent phone scam is using a local bank to bait people to give out personal and banking information.

DCSD says it started receiving calls Sunday afternoon from people who say they had received these scam phone calls.

DCSD says the scam callers are using the name German American Bank in their attempt to personal and banking information from their attempted victims. Some of the scammers are persistent and sometimes threatening.

The sheriff’s department says the best response is to hang up on the caller if you think someone is trying to scam you. Most of these type of calls will come from a restricted or blocked caller ID or an out of the area phone number.

Phone scammers have been busy lately… Since the first of the year there are been reports locally of phone scammers using local banks, a local catering service, a local utility company, even the IRS to entice their would-be victims to take the bait.

Again, the public is being reminded to never give out any personal or banking information over the phone.

DCSD says if you have given out personal or banking information over the phone to someone, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.


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