Sheriff’s Department Warning Parents About “Sexting”

Untitled-2 copyDubois County Sheriff’s Department has issued a reminder to local families about sexting.

Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.

A news release from DCSD says our youth today are ever more exposed to, and have the technology at the touch of a button, to speak or be in contact with anyone in the world.”

The news release goes on warn parents that just like the continuing phone and internet scams for money that we are exposed to continually, there are people who would take advantage of children as well by convincing our youth to send nude photographs or inappropriate videos by text or social media.

The sheriff’s department says parents should speak to their children about sexting and the dangers present on social media.

The sheriff’s department also says just because someone appears to be an innocent friend from another state or country on your child’s friends list does not mean that is who they actually are… it could be a sexual predator.

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