New Scam Calls Reported Locally

Local police are warning the public of a new phone scam in the area.

Jasper police and the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department say automated calls from the 702 area code (Nevada/Las Vegas) saying they are from Hoosier Hills Credit Union are being dialed to both cells phones and land lines at all hours of the day and night.

Police say the intended victims are told their account with Hoosier Hills has been compromised and victims are asked to follow automated prompts to get their account reinstated.

The prompts include giving out crucial information such as account and PIN numbers.

Jasper police say when it comes to receiving unsolicited, suspect calls, hanging up is the safe course of action.

Police say as long as you do not give out any information, it’s not necessary to contact them.

Anyone who did give out pertinent information should contact police as soon as possible.

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