Mother & Son Both Charged Following Sunday Morning Accident

Sunday morning, the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene of an accident just east of Jasper along Indiana 164.
There they found a pickup truck in a ditch near Trainer Lane.  DCSD says the truck went off the roadway went through a yard, damaged some landscaping on private property before striking a utility support wire and a road sign; coming to rest in a ditch.
The accident happened at about 7:50 yesterday morning.  Deputies say 48-year old Patricia Tomasino of Jasper was at the scene.  She told deputies she had been one driving the truck and a deer caused her to run off the road and crash.
Tomasino left the area while Deputies were working with Uebelhors Wrecker Service to tow the vehicle.  Deputies continued to investigate on scene and found that it appeared the driver who had been operating the vehicle was injured.
A short time later, deputies then went to Tomasino’s home on Terrace Avenue in Jasper and located Tomasino’s son, 18-year old Martin Garcia-Dixon.
DCSD says Garcia-Dixon had injuries from the crash and he had also been drinking.   Deputies Memorial EMS to the home.  Garcia-Dixon was transported to Memorial Hospital by ambulance for treatment of cuts to his face and a broken nose.
Patricia Tomasino was cited for a class B Misdemeanor offense of False Informing.  Garcia-Dixon was cited for a Class A misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an injury accident and a Class C misdemeanor charge of Minor Consuming after testing .03%.
The vehicle in the crash sustained about $5000 in damage.   The utility support wire was pulled loose and there was about $500 damage to it and the pole.  There was about $250 in damage to the yard and landscaping.   The road sign received about $100 in damage.
Both suspects were given summons to appear in court at a later date and released at the hospital.

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