Voting Centers Won’t Be Used In May Primary

Dubois County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe

Dubois County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe

The Dubois County Election Board Thursday morning decided to put its plan for using new voting centers in the primary on hold.

At the crux of Thursday’s decision, where to put some of the voting centers. A switch in plans earlier this month to move the proposed Schnellville voting center to Birdseye has also pushed back some of the other things that need to be done by early March so the local voting center plan could be submitted to the state in time for the primary. Among those things, a decision on what electronic poll book vendor which has not been done.

The local election board as well as study committee has been working for months on making the transition to voting centers where voters could cast ballots at any one of seven proposed in the county instead of only at their precinct location.

County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe says with so many things still needing attention, the decision was made to hold off finalizing the voting center idea until after the May primary. The election board and the study committee will continue to work on the idea in the meantime.

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