“Parklands” Could Become Larger Before It Opens

The nearly 60-acre property that was once the Jasper Country Club… now known as the Parklands, could become even larger in size before it officially becomes the City of Jasper’s central park.

Jasper mayor Terry Seitz and Dubois County Community Foundation president Brad Ward says the property could increase to nearly 85 acres if the City and the Foundation are able to get up to $300,000 in state grants to purchase two adjoining parcels of land to the former golf course.

The 25.1 acres are two privately-owned parcels to the immediate east. They are the 20.1 acre parcel owned by the Gramelspacher/Nordhoff Trust and an adjacent five acres owned by the Thomas Eversman Trust.

Ward says obtaining the two parcels fits perfectly with what the public appears to want in establishing a large central park for the city…

The Foundation is leading the effort to get the grant money from both the Indiana Bicentennial Nature Trust and the Indiana Heritage Trust. Now both grants do require a dollar-for-dollar match from local contributions. Seitz says he sees the 25.1 acre acquisitions being done with grant and private donations and without any tax dollars…

Ward says the Dubois County Community Foundation has secured an option to purchase the additional 25 acres. An appraised value of the land has not yet been released.

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