Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center Expanding


JASPER, IN – Since its opening in 2007, the Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center has experienced tremendous growth with total patient visits increasing dramatically the past four years. With this, the Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center Board recently approved an expansion/renovation of the Cancer Center. 

The Lange-Fuhs Cancer Center expansion project will add 4300 square feet of renovated space and 500 square feet of new space to the Cancer Center and is estimated to cost 2.7 million dollars.  “The expansion project is critical to provide the capacity to meet the growing needs of our community for the future” said John Dillon, Vice President of Ambulatory Services.

The new design of the Cancer Center separates the infusion area from the physician clinic space.  The changes will improve the patient experience by reducing the traffic that comes in and out of the infusion area. In addition, when a patient finishes their course of chemotherapy, they will not have to revisit that section of the Cancer Center since the physician offices will be in a separate, newly renovated space.  Lastly, the new design in Medical Oncology will accommodate short infusions, injections, port flushes and lab draws near the front of the Cancer Center for a quicker in/out for the patient, thus minimizing traffic in the main infusion area.  These changes should lend themselves to a better patient experience.

Construction of new space will be on the Radiation Oncology side of the Cancer Center and will house a new CT Scanner to be used for treatment planning.  A dedicated CT for Radiation Oncology will provide greater flexibility in scheduling.  

It is anticipated that the renovation/expansion project will be put out to bid in mid-March and that construction will begin in April.  The project will have two phases.  The first phase will be the renovation of the former medical records space and the construction of the new CT Scanner area for treatment planning.  Once completed and occupied, phase two will be the renovation of the medical oncology space.  Construction should be complete in December 2014.

“It is critical for Memorial Hospital (pictured) to meet the health care needs of the counties we serve.  With the growth we have experienced since 2007 and the growth that is anticipated in the future, this renovation/expansion is needed to assure that we have appropriate facilities to provide compassionate care in the future,” said Kyle Bennett, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center.   

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