Charges Being Sought In Dog Neglect Case

Untitled Sequence.399The Dubois County sheriff’s office says it is pursuing animal neglect charges against the Crystal area couple. The case has been turned over to the Dubois County prosecutor’s office for its review.

The couple is 50-year old George Kimmel and 55-year old Dorothy Kimmel who live in on State Road 56 in the Crystal area.

Monday night, deputies found two dogs outside in temperatures around -5 degrees with a wind chill of -15 to -20. One of dogs was found was in a very small kennel with only a plastic barrel for a dog house. There was no other shelter or bedding. The dog named Peanut shown here, was frozen to the ground at its feet, belly, and tail. The deputy used warm water to melt the ice to free the animal

The second dog was found wrapped around a pole and it could not get into its dog house or access its water. The water that was available was also frozen.

Peanut is now in the custody of the Dubois County Humane Society. Humane Society officials are now in the process of trying to get the Kimmels to relinquish ownership of other dogs at the property, including those that not being actively neglected.

The animal neglect charge is a class A Misdemeanor. The sheriff’s department says without receiving the tip from the public about Peanut, they are sure the dog would have frozen to death. The sheriff’s department says all possible animal neglect tips can be done so anonymously.


  1. Diane Boeglin Gramelspacher says:

    First of all, the person who called the Sheriff’s Dept. about Peanut needs to be commended. They would get a great big hug if I knew who they were. People NEED to get involved in suspected cases of animal or child abuse. People, be aware of your surroundings, your neighbors and if you feel that something isn’t right, then please call the police or sheriff’s department. GET INVOLVED!!!

    A great big THANKS to the deputy who freed peanut from the ice. What an act of kindness! You truly saved a life that day.

    The punishment I feel George and Dorothy Kimmel deserve cannot be put into print. However, I truly hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and if that isn’t enough, then the laws need to be changed. The public needs to know this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

    I think Dubois County has a great Humane Society. I adopted an absolutely wonderful dog from there years ago. Since then, I have adopted three more dogs from individuals needing a home for their dogs. Annabelle, Lulu and Prancer have brought immeasurable joy into my life. My dogs live indoors with me and have the luxuries of a warm home, soft blankets and nutritious foods and homemade snacks.

    People, have a heart where children and animals are concerned. They are innocent and need to be protected.

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