Illinois Man Rescued From East Fork Flood Waters On Indiana 257: Wife Still Missing

2735307FROM WAMW-FM in Washington…

Indiana Conservation Officers and Deputies from the Pike and Daviess County Sheriff’s Departments report the driver of a vehicle that drove into the floodwaters on State Road 257 between Washington and Otwell was rescued Sunday.  

However, the search for his wife continues in the high water along the Pike-Daviess County line.

According to to a report from Indiana Conservation Officers, around 7:45 a,m. Sunday morning, a call from waterfowl hunters reported a southbound vehicle had tried to navigagte the floodwaters on State Road 257.   The hunters said that when they saw the vehicle swept off the roadway, they drove their boat to the area where they last saw the vehicle.
 Screams for help were heard and the driver of the vehicle, 34 year old Adam McGill, of Des Plaines, Illinois, was rescued.
 McGill’s wife, 31 year old Kathryn McGill, could not be located.  Adam McGill was taken to Daviess Community Hospital and then transferred to St. Mary’s Hosptial in Evansville, where he is being treated for hypothermia.  Water-based search efforts for Kathryn McGill were suspended at nightfall and will resume this morning.  The Department of Natural Resources says that updates to this story will be made as more information becomes available.
Conservation Officers strongly encourage all motorists to obey road closing signs and to avoid driving on flooded roadways.

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