Jasper Man Arrested For Having “One-Pot” Meth Lab Behind His Eastside Home

cARPENTERA Jasper man has been arrested for operating a meth lab behind his far eastside home.

Armed with a search warrant, officers with both the Dubois County Sheiff’s Office and the Jasper Police Department say they found a one-pot meth lab and precursors behind the home of 29-year old Lloyd Carpenter in the 1400 block of Franklin Street.

A tip from the public and the new law requiring those who purchase cold, flu and allergy medicines that contain pseudoephedrine show photo identification and sign a log showing they purchased the medicine led them them to Carpenter who officers say admitted the one-pot meth lab was his.

Carpenter is charged with a Class B felony count of dealing methamphetamine and a Class D felony count of illegal dumping of controlled waste

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