Share Your Video With NewsNow Dubois County!


You, our NNDC viewers/followers, can now submit video to us!

You’ve seen video on major networks, even regional television stations where viewers have submitted… everything from first video of a fire, an accident, a weather event (like we are having today!) to a cute/funny video of a family member, a pet, etc.!

All you need to is simply drop your video file into the NNDC “Dropbox”  Just go to (again, you can do this from your smartphone too!).  The password is newsnowdc

You can upload the video as simply as attaching a picture to an email. You can even “drop” video to us taken on your phone!!!

You can begin sending video to NNDC right now!  So, if you have video of you shoveling snow, or the kids playing in it and would like to share with us and our viewers/followers, please do so.

Thank you.

Mick Birge/NewsNow Dubois County

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