City Of Jasper Gets Favorable Partial Summary Judgement Rulings In Power Plant Saga

1372275863_53149_oSpecial judge Sherry Gregg-Gilmore has made two rulings in favor of the
City of Jasper’s favor in its on-going legal dispute with the local citizen’s group, Healthy Dubois County, Inc.

Gilmore ruled that the upcoming scheduled trial in January will only determine whether or not the city violated the state’s open door law when a group of city leaders and those with Twisted Oak Corporation met during the power plant lease negotiations between the two. Gregg-Gilmore also ruled that the city of Jasper is not be responsible for Healthy Dubois County, Inc’s legal fees.

In a written statement, Jasper Utilities Services Board Chairman Wayne Schuetter says Gilmore’s decision essentially means that Healthy Dubois County cannot re-try issues decided in the City’s favor at the earlier trial in Perry County. Then, special judge Lucy Goffinet ruled the lease was valid.

Schuetter goes on to say that the judge, in this case, Gregg-Gilmore, agreed with the City of Jasper’s position that the City was not responsible for Healthy Dubois County’s attorneys’ fees for filing this lawsuit against the City and USB for alleged violations of the Open Door law.

He also says the city appreciates the Judge’s diligence and thoroughness in this partial summary judgement.

No comment yet on Gregg-Gilmore’s ruling from Healthy Dubois County, Inc.

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